Session 88:
Micro explanations for internal migration decisions

Friday, June 15
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Aula Magna, Floor 7

Chair: Philip H. Rees, University of Leeds

  1. Determinants of women’s migration in TurkeyAyse Abbasoglu-Ozgoren, Hacettepe University; Mehmet Ali Eryurt, Hacettepe University; Ismet Koc, Hacettepe University

  2. Partner (dis)agreement on moving desires and the subsequent moving behaviour of couplesRory Coulter, University of St Andrews; Maarten van Ham, Delft University of Technology; Peteke Feijten, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research

  3. Producing and reproducing ethnic residential segregation. Is ”white flight” enough to capture the mobility motives of natives?Lina Hedman, Uppsala University; Emma Holmqvist, Uppsala University

  4. Local ties and family migrationClara H. Mulder, University of Groningen; Gunnar Malmberg, Umeå University

  5. Inter-regional migration in Tanzania: the role of socio-demographic and environmental factorsCristina Ocello, University of Florence; Alessandra Petrucci, University of Florence; Maria Rita Testa, Vienna Institute of Demography

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